Hi There!

Welcome to the first book in the series of magical adventures set in Foreverland.

One reason I’ve written these book is to provide an opportunity for children to be read to before going to sleep. I hope these special moments will weave the magic of literature into their lives. I also wish to stimulate the imagination, excite children and provide them with an escape from the horrors they see and hear in their present world. Positive experiences help provide positive futures!

As a child I loved escaping with Enid Blyton’s books. I especially loved The Faraway Tree.  I loved those adventures again when I read them to my daughter. I’d love you to share magical moments with your child. I’m hoping each Foreverland Adventures book will provide a means for your child to fall asleep easily and provide you with a well-deserved peaceful evening. The books of course can also be read by children themselves.